Publish With Us


Many authors want to work with a large publishing house to gain the greatest level of exposure and reach the largest audience. Yet if they do work with one, they receive a relatively small percentage of each book sale. Those sales certainly add up, but the process to be discovered by a large publisher can be disheartening. Other authors choose to self publish, but the start up, marketing and distribution costs are high, with no guarantee of sales once the money has been spent.  There is a better way.

Our model is unique. We use modern tools, like crowd sourcing, to mitigate the risk to the author, accurately assess market demand, and increase author royalties. To us, authors are partners in this venture.

What We Are Looking For

We specialize in publishing books about outdoor adventure and overcoming impossible odds.  That said, the book must meet the following criteria:

~ The story must motivate others to get outdoors and seek adventure

~ We are not interested in publishing anything with gratuitous violence, language and sex.

~ As we view the author as a partner in the process, we work with those interested in participating in the marketing and sales process.

~ The manuscript should be fully edited and polished before we read it.

If you would like us to review your story, please email us a brief summary of your book (topic, plot, target audience, and how you feel you can help promote your book) as well as the first 25 pages of your manuscript.  Please give us about 30 days to read it before following up.